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Welcome to Softrixz. A Software Company

A software company that develops software products for end users and enterprises. An establishment that not only brings you the absolute best in software development but also promises to deliver unparalleled enterprise services.


Rapid Development

We endeavor to implement solutions, and develop applications and websites for our clients within a reasonable time frame.


Clear and Concise Designs

Our websites are known for their aesthetic appeal, remarkable designs and sturdy structures.


Great Rates

Our Web Solutions Division offers services of the highest quality, at prices that are extremely affordable.

Who we are

Softrixz is a closely knit team of web designers and developers working towards creating websites, software’s and web/mobile applications; while aiding people and businesses improve their online presence.

  • Airtrixz
  • Airtrixz
  • Softrixz Web Solutions
  • TechShaadi

We develop web and mobile applications that make your life simple, secure and instantly accessible. In addition to this, we are also skilled at developing enterprise web/mobile applications which allow businesses to overcome their enterprise and mobile needs at a reduced cost.

About Softrixz

SSoftrixz is a software company that develops web and mobile applications that improve and simplify your life by reinventing software. Based in Mangalore, Softrixz has been aiding small businesses with responding to the infrastructure and resource demands caused due to rapid technological growth.

Softrixz, being a software company, develops web, mobile and desktop applications. The web and mobile applications are aimed at End Users, while the desktop applications are directed towards businesses that need enterprise applications that are capable of carrying out tasks in an efficient and straight-forward manner. One of the notable products of Softrixz is Airtrixz, which is a technology blog that provides extensive reviews about anything tech-related.

The Development Team at Softrixz uses various technologies to complete their projects; from Cloud Computing to the .NET framework; programming languages that range from C to Node.js. The technologies shown on the right are only a few that are implemented by Softrixz, others include Electron, Web Sockets, Cordova and many more.

What we're made of
  • 70%
    Cloud Computing
  • 80%
    App Development
  • 60%
    Web Development
  • 50%
    .NET Applications
  • 80%
  • 40%
    Server Management

Our Services

Our Web Solutions Division offers quality services to its customers.
We guarantee our clients the best experiences with applications built for cloud computing.



Our designs are responsive and are always at its top performance

Quick Launch

Our sites facilitate quick loading, which conserves time.


We provide analytics and monitor our applications for optimum performance.

Touch Ready

Our sites are designed keeping mobile users in mind.



We heavily document our code, so if the need arises, there is always a last resort.


Fully Tested

We test our apps to meet all the End-User Requirements.

Our Portfolio

We’re always working on amazing projects to make the internet a better place.

  • Airtrixz

    News/Review Blogging Website
  • Web Solutions

    A client division
  • Softrixz Photography Project

    A Photography Website
  • TechShaadi

    A wedding app

Blog Posts

News and latest developments regarding Softrixz can be found here

Contact Us

Use the form below to contact us regarding any queries or information.

Info details

Contact us, if you have any queries or need any information. We will get back to you as soon as possible, with the information you requested. Use the contact form on the right to contact us, do use a valid email so that we can get back to you.

Alternatively you can use social media to follow us and get updated on latest developments and projects. Like us at facebook to get regular updates about our operations: Softrixz

Ladyhill, Mangalore
+91 855-332-7725

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