Published on 25/06/2016. Filed under General

Its been quite some time since we last published an update or made an public announcement about our upcoming plans or almost heard anything from us. Our last update was published on April of 2015 announcing that Airtrixz will resume its operations. So  let’s catch up on what has happened in Softrixz the past year, what we have been upto and worked on.

To put it in short, the past year we have been mainly focused on the Softrixz Solutions division. We did projects for some high profile clients and some aimed at small business helping them create their online identity. The solutions division has seen great progress in the past year compared to any of our previous years.

Coming to our product line, in the past year you have noticed that we haven’t release any new products or published improvements to our already existing line of products it simply because we were working on new projects that required some great deal of time and are yet to be completed. One of such projects we would like to declassify is Project Snyder because as of now it remains cancelled due to not so promising data obtained from our market research on the concept. Project Snyder was aimed to make the college life of India’s students easier by delivering student appropriate content directly into the hands of the students through mobile apps. Exact details of the project will be held back until future declassification’s.


We would also like to announce our partnership on a joint project named TechShaadi with a Mangalore based startup Whattabiz. Softrixz and Whattabiz have teamed up to innovate on one of the most archaic aspects of India – Weddings. We infuse the unique advantages of technologies into the chaotic charisma of the Grand Indian Wedding. With TechShaadi App in the phones of all your invitees, you can now interact with them in a never before seen fashion. Share your moments easily and get their requirements to make them feel at home in your wedding!

TechShaadi is right now in late development stage(overall) and in the process of completely rolling out to the general public. The TechShaadi IOS app will soon be available for everyone to download, possibly by the end of July. The Android and Windows apps will soon follow. We plan to make TechShaadi apps available for all platforms and devices. More updates to be published on TechShaadi soon.

Coming to an end

Nearing the end of this post, we would also like to announce a new project called “Project Resurgence”. What Resurgence is and what it will bring about for users and for Softrixz will remain closed for now. Softrixz is constantly working on new projects and trying to make the internet a easier and better place for all our users through software. Until our next update, have a small tease on Project Resurgence below in case if you have happened to come across this, know that its Resurgence.




Until next time.

Royden Rego