Published on 29/04/2015. Filed under Notifications

Airtrixz paused operations on 1st of January 2015 due to the structural changes that were going to be made in Softrixz. Along with Airtrixz, operations of other divisions of Softrixz were all paused. Today after four months, Airtrixz will be resuming operations.

Unlike Airtrixz other divisions of Softrixz won’t be resuming operations, they will follow the time frame that was announced back in December 2014. Airtrixz will be resuming operations to cover BUILD 2015.

You may expect some posts right away today about BUILD from Airtrixz also posts covering the topics that will be talked on BUILD. But Airtrixz may not post anything after it for a upwards of 12 days. This delay in posts for upwards 12 days is to organize the team and brief The Airtrixz Team that has been away since December. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused during the last three months and also for the coming few days.