Published on 26/12/2014. Filed under Blogs, Notifications

Starting 1st of January 2015 Airtrixz, Softrixz Web Solutions and other low priority projects at Softrixz will be temporarily pausing operations until May 2015. This temporary change is brought because of the upcoming internal structural changes that will be made in Softrixz.

These internal structural changes are brought so that Softrixz and its divisions will further perform more efficiently and importantly more effectively. Softrixz will begin its structural changes on 1st of January 2015 and will go on until May 2015. All the divisions at Softrixz including Airtrixz and Softrixz Web Solutions will be temporarily pausing operations as even these divisions will be undergoing certain internal structural changes that will make them produce more effective and efficient results.

The Airtrixz Division as mentioned will be pausing operations like any other divisions of Softrixz Inc., but during January will be posting one or two blog posts to cover some of the topics that are expected to come up. Further the Airtrixz Division will be resuming its operations early on April 29th 2015, this is to cover Microsoft’s BUILD Conference that is expected to begin on 29th of April 2015. More details on the curriculum of Airtrixz when restructuring is happening is found here at the Airtrixz website. The Airtrixz website will be available for all users of all countries but no posts will be posted other than the specified posts that are mentioned in the curriculum. When the restructuring at the Airtrixz Division is completed, Airtrixz will then give more substantiated results and will be able to keep its readers up to date on the latest on technology with posts being posted on a daily basis.

Softrixz Web Solutions will complete all client projects currently in hand and will no longer accept any client projects until May 2015. We regret any inconvenience caused to any of our clients.

All low priority projects at Softrixz will also be put on hold until May 2015, but high priority  projects such as the Softrixz Photography Project will continue its development stages although the development will be at a slower phase. The Softrixz Photography Project(SP Project) will complete its development stages sometime in June 2015. After which we will begin various testing stages.

This restructuring is very crucial to us and to ensure that it is carried out in the right manner we decided to pause all divisional operations. When this is complete will be able to move things at a faster phase produce more better results. Until 1st of January 2015, all operations on all divisions and projects will continue normally. All operations will resume on May 2015, exact date can’t be said at the moment but when we are resuming all operations we will be posting to notify everyone. Again we regret any inconvenience caused to all our users and to all our clients.