Published on 01/10/2014. Filed under Notes

It was around June 2013 that Royden Rego(the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Softrixz Inc) had met Rigel and Arjun. Softrixz was at first a website that provided software download, which now had become a company.

At first it was just plain talks, later Royden learned about Rigel and Arjun’s endeavour of Soft Ranks. Royden later told Manish Bekal(the Founder and CEO of Softrixz Inc) about Rigel and Arjun and about Soft Ranks. Manish had a idea in mind of creating a website but what kind of website, he had not thought of it yet. When Royden told him about Soft Ranks Manish was all ears, he listened carefully on what Royden had to say.


Things went by, Manish was still thinking of a idea for Softrixz’s next website, when suddenly a idea popped into his mind. What was it? He thought of getting Rigel and Arjun aboard Softrixz for its next website. Royden was well over excited about this. After a few days Royden approached Rigel about Manish’s idea of a new website, and in a few day Rigel was aboard on Softrixz. Not few days passed by and even Arjun was aboard on Softrixz. Royden and Manish were still thinking of a idea for their next website, when they learned from Rigel and Arjun that a blog would be a great idea and a blog would have a lot of potential. It seemed like a great idea for Royden and Manish and very soon they had the project underway named “Operation Blogger” with Rigel working on its development. It seemed that developing a blog from scratch would take a long period and would not be completed by the given deadline. While Royden and Manish were discussing the problem with Rigel and Arjun, Arjun suggested that Softrixz could take over Soft Ranks and its assets so that it could use most of Soft Ranks resources and source codes to reduce the development time. Talks were underway with Arjun and Rigel about the acquisition and Softrixz announced on 27th July 2013 on Social Media, about their acquisition of Soft Ranks.

Soft Ranks was now under Softrixz Inc., under its “Operation Blogger” project, which was to be rebranded as “Airtrixz”. Development of “Operation Blogger” was completed on August 10th 2013. Airtrixz was released to the general public on 15th August 2013 on the Indian Independence day at 12.00. Airtrixz received a great response from users all over India. What started as a project by two teens turned into a division of a corporate company.

From a team of two, Airtrixz now has more than 10 authors and 2 editors who are constantly writing reviews and posts on a daily basis and has visitors from all over the world. Arjun is now the Head of the Airtrixz Division of Softrixz Inc., and Rigel is working on a another project of Softrixz Inc.